About Stargazer Corp

Stargazer Corporation is a diversified American mass media company focused on creating and distributing engaging content to consumers and businesses worldwide.

Our primary operating division is Stargazer Films (feature films).

The company’s recently launched divisions include: Stargazer Digital Studios (episodic series) Stargazer Music Group (music licensing and music video production), and Stargazer Plus (direct content distribution).

Our History

The company was founded in 2014 by Shane and Zach O’Brien with Anthony Del Negro, as Stargazer Films, LLC focused solely on film development and production.

In 2017 the company completed a merger by consolidation with distributor Titan Releasing, Inc. and rebranded as Stargazer Films USA, Inc. focused on the development, production and distribution of theatrical and television feature films as well as production equipment sales and rentals, and post-production services.

In 2019 the company diversified and expanded with new divisions focusing on development and production of episodic series; news media and publishing; music licensing and music video production; direct content distribution; and again rebranding as Stargazer Corp.

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